Floating Orgasm

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Floating Orgasm

It had been a long winter and I hadn?t gone anywhere since the seminar I attended in Miami in January. Yeah, the seminar and the woman ?.well one woman out of a couple thousand that had probably attended. Her name was Ann Mc Allister, but damn if I had even thought to ask where she was from, oh well. My mind was back in Chicago now, where my body was. Like I said, it had been a long, cold and rainy winter in the Windy City. My condominium was right downtown and overlooked Lake Michigan. Sometimes that was scary in and of itself..that Lake might as well be an ocean and is sometimes more ferocious. May can be a great month in this area and right now that was the case. I decided to go for a walk along the lake and left my place to take the elevator down the 30 floors to the ground. It was sunny and probably in the mid 70?s, not /bad/">bad for old Chi Town.

I decided to hoof it down Michigan Avenue and then cross over to one of the many walks lakeside. I was just enjoying the balmy breeze off the lake and the everyday sights we Chicagoans enjoy. I was wandering around Buckingham fountain, recalling some of the many visits made there as a child when I saw someone I thought I knew. I just couldn?t place her. As I walked around the enormous fountain and got closer to her I thought for a minute?.it sure looked like Annie Mc Allister, but hell, that would be too much of a coincidence. Then I hear :

?Hey, Mike, over here?it?s Ann, you know Ann Mc Allister from the meeting in Florida.?
?Yeah, I am seeing that now. Ann, how are you, I mean this is just too much meeting you here by the great fountain!?
?Hey, it?s not as strange as you think.?
She didn?t give me time to ask for an explanation, she just took my hand and led me down a couple of sets of steps to the sidewalk.
?Where are you pulling me Annie, girl??
?Just wait, you?ll see.?

We walked for a few blocks south and soon came to the entrance to the huge marina, or I should say one of the huge marinas found lake front. She led me on a crisscross of walkways until we came to the enormous (well, to my way of thinking, humongous) yacht. We stopped in front of it.

?Well, what do you think, Mike??
?Think about what? I mean it?s a big boat.?
?I own it, Mike and I wanted to show it to you.?

Things were moving much too quickly. I leave my home to take a walk in the park, so to speak and I run into this woman I met at a seminar in Miami Beach, Florida four months previously. She appears out of nowhere and acts like it was only a day or two before that she saw me. I don?t know where she is from and, hell, I don?t know if she really is Ann Mc Allister. All I do know is that she seduced me in Florida and made one evening there very special for me. In fact I will say I don?t think I?ve ever attended a seminar so well before.
Before I could manage another thought she had my hand again. We were climbing a ramp to the main deck of the yacht. I was flabbergasted by the size of the whole thing.

?Ann, this is magnificent?what kind of ??
I never got to ask what kind of business she was in. We were entering the main cabin, I guess it was the main cabin of the big boat. It was like the most plush living room I had ever been in.

?So, what do you think? Want to be a sailor now??
?A sailor? Hell, the only time I ever drove a boat was on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin and that thing was only about 12 feet long and had an outboard motor on it.?
?You won?t have to drive this, believe me, in fact, you don?t drive boats, silly.?

Well, I don?t know what you do with them and I don?t even know what the names of all of the ?stuff? on a boat are called. I mean, I know they call the kitchen the galley and the bedrooms are called staterooms or cabins or something quaint like that. My mind was flooded with all kinds of visual information that it simply didn?t know how to process right now. Ann, I noticed, was removing the light jacket she had on. Underneath she was wearing this sleeveless, ribbed knit blouse, or sweater or something. All I knew was it looked great on her and made those magnificent tits really stand out. Whoops, I guess I should have referred to them as breasts, now that we were here in the civilized world of Chicago.
Before I had another thought, Ann came over to me and put her arms around my neck and began kissing me. Those kisses brought back some very fond memories.

?Hey, what?s going on here?? I managed to get out.
?I?ve missed you all those months and I just wanted to give you a hello kiss.?
?Well, I can live with that.?
Before I knew it she was unbuttoning my shirt, damn, was this some sort of dream or what?
?Annie, I mean we just came on board, what are you doing? Is anyone else on board with us.?
?No, I gave indian santali xvideo the crew and staff the day off.?

She continued relieving me of my clothing. I was standing in this great salon with nothing on but boxers. Ann was now removing that sexy sweater or shirt she had on. As I might have guessed, no bra on either. She had been wearing shorts of some kind and those had been ?lost? to reveal dark green silk bikini briefs. She took my hand as she always did and led me over to this very big, very overstuffed chair and pushed me down into it, but not before relieving me of the remainder of my duds. I was now standing-sitting with a very huge /erection/">erection looking into the eyes of an almost naked sexy woman who was continuing to push me backwards. I finally gave in and let myself fall into the comfortable chair. Ann pulled my legs apart and was now kneeling between my legs and stoking the insides gently. She told me just to sit back and enjoy what was going to happen. She lowered her head so that I could feel her breath on my organ. She kissed the tip of it and took hold of it with one hand, stoking it up and down. The other hand she cupped under my balls and massaged them gently. Damn, I had to admit I was definitely liking this but was definitely confused. Ann came closer to me and said nothing but put the head of my penis into her mouth. She teased it with her tongue and then began taking as much of my shaft into her mouth as she could. I could feel the back of her throat as she took me in to her mouth. It was warm and very wet and I was getting quite excited. Without a word, she raised her head and began licking the shaft with her tongue. Then she began licking my balls?they were tense with the expectation of total release as she ran her tongue over both, teasing each with little licks. Then my cock was back in her mouth and she began sucking as she took me in and out of her warm mouth, much the same as I would have done had I been inside her vagina. That unmistakable tension was mounting and I could feel an orgasm was imminent. I hadn?t had sex for some time and I knew alain lyle porn it was going to be a gusher. I said:
?Annie, I?m going to cum any second now, I mean if you don?t want me to come in your mouth?.?:
?Mike, shhhh, please, you?re breaking my rhythm.?

About a minute later I feel the contractions as my penis began its orgasmic physiological reaction to her superb stimulation. I gasped as I began to ejaculate into her mouth. She kept her stoke up and the waves just kept coming and throbbing?.finally I couldn?t stand the pleasure-pain any more.
?Annie, please??

I could see that her eyes were closed. She opened them and let my penis slide out of her mouth. She licked her lips and I could tell she had swallowed my /semen/">semen.

?I could tell you enjoyed that, Mike, I love doing that to you. C?mon, get up and come with me.?
I got up slowly, my erection had hardly subsided and I was still internally throbbing with the pleasure of a superb orgasm that had just taken place. She let me out of that magnificent salon and we were going down a narrow hall, I supposed to one of the bedrooms, oh pardon me, staterooms. We went into one, it must have been the /master/">master suite and we walked through to a bathroom as large as any in a regular house. She turned the water on in this locker room size shower and we waited a few minutes until the steam was beginning to rise.
?I?m so horny now, Mike, can you help me??

I stepped in after her and her arms were immediately around my neck kissing me. I pulled her close and I could feel her stiff nipples against my chest. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her closer to me. This doesn?t normally happen to me, but I was definitely getting another full erection. We were close?she could feel me stiffen and took my member in her hand and moved closer to me. She began rubbing the head against her clit?well I wasn?t looking down, but it was warm and slippery and each time she slid my organ between her legs she gasped. Finally, she said
?Mike, I?m going to /climax/">climax, I want you inside me.?

I lifted her up and she eased my erection into her vagina, wrapping one leg around me and pushing me inside her all the way. I used my hands underneath her but to move her up and down against the base of my penis until I heard her begin to almost cry as she began climaxing. It seemed as though she throbbed for several minutes and I could feel the very pleasurable contractions of her vaginal muscles on my penis. I knew in a second that I was coming again and pulled her tightly against me as I released more of my hot juice inside of her.


We let our genitals spasm together for what seemed like hours. I could have stayed there another hour feeling myself inside her. My erection was not subsiding and I do believe we could have spent the rest of the afternoon joined in that steamy shower. I had also figured out that I did indeed know Ann Mc Allister from a different place and a different time, but that?s another story, no not just a story, stories, wow!