Dirt Bike Passion

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Dirt Bike Passion

I had a real passion for motorcycles, especially dirt
bikes. But it wasn't until I'd graduated from high school
that my grandfather, a hard-core motorcycle enthusiast, bought
me a dirt bike against my parent's wishes. I was hell on
wheels, developing a real hard-on for the feel of all that
power rumbling between my legs. I put 1,500 miles on the
odometer in the first week. By the end of the second week, I
had totaled the bike and laid myself up with two broken arms
and a broken ankle.

When I came home from the hospital, my parents had made
arrangements for an attendant to care for me. As you might
imagine, my condition rendered me quite helpless. I required
far more attention than their busy careers would allow for.

Jay was a medical student at a nearby university and
perfect for the job. He was neat, clean, experienced and
incredibly attractive. I fell in love the minute I laid eyes
on his tall, slender frame. The guy was drop-dead gorgeous
and proudly displayed one of the largest, most beautiful
bulging baskets I'd ever seen. I was glad to be out of the
hospital. I had been poked, prodded and stripped of all
dignity. I had been humiliated beyond the tolerance of my
rather shy endurance. Home had never looked so good. I was
eager to place myself in the care of Jay's tender, loving

Beyond the fact that my numerous injuries had strictly
limited my capabilities, I felt remarkably well. Well enough
for the sight of Jay to remind me that it had been two long
weeks since I'd last gotten my rocks off. For a horny young
guy, two weeks seemed like an eternity!

From dawn to dusk, Monday through Saturday, my parents
worked, leaving Jay and me alone in the house. First thing
every morning I had to piss. Jay would accompanied me to the
bathroom, pulled down my boxer shorts and for a brief moment,
stared affectionately at my half-/hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. I couldn't piss
with Jay watching. He always waited just outside the door
for me to call him when I had finished.

Later in the morning was bath time. In preparation for
my bath, Jay stripped me naked. I was thrilled to detect a
glint of pleasure in his green eyes. My cock tingled
restlessly and I knew then and there I was going to get a
boner. My demanding young cock had been ignored far too
long. Jay was far too attractive. My manhood was going to
demand satisfaction, it was inevitable.

I'm not one to brag, but the truth is I'm endowed quite
well, well above average. I had always been a little self-
conscious about the size of my cock. It being so big , it
had always seemed to draw a great deal of attention. Jay made
no attempt to conceal the fact he, too, had a difficult time
taking his eyes off my now-expanding organ. His obvious
attraction to my naked man-flesh fueled my desires to a new

Jay washed me from head to toe, putting off washing my
cock until last. When he finally got to it, he took his
time, rubbing it with the warm, soapy washcloth. I don't
think he realized just how horny I was. I was so fucking
turned on I could barely control my urge to blow a load into
the washcloth!

I wanted Jay to give me a sign, anything that would let
me know he wouldn't be offended if I ejaculated into his
hands. The sign never came, so neither did I.

Jay seemed quite nervous and quickly finished. There
was no doubt he had enjoyed my bath almost as much as I had.
The timid bulge in the crotch of his pants had become
immensely larger. His hands trembled as he dressed me. I
couldn't help wondering what it would be like having his big
cock in my mouth. I'd messed around a couple of times with
another guy, jacking off, rubbing each other's asses, but I'd
never tasted cock. That's not to say I'd never been tempted.
I fantasized about chewing on a big, dick all the time.

Jay disappeared for quite some time. I was convinced he
was off somewhere beating his meat. I hated him for leaving
me in such a desperate state of necessity. I had a fierce
yearning and was willing to do anything to appease my

When Jay returned he was calm, cool and collected,
striking up a conversation of small talk. He was a hard guy
the wwwxxx to figure out. I knew I turned him on. I had drooled over
his stiff cock pressing out against the front of his pants.
He had held my throbbing prick in his hands. Something was
holding him back. I had to figure out what that something
was before I lost my fucking mind.

Later that evening, wwwxxx after dinner, a persistent cramping
in my belly urged me to the bathroom. I had held it as long
as I could. I had to shit, and shit bad.

My parents were both home and busy as usual. It was Jay
who perched me up on the ivory throne. As far as my parents
were concerned, he was the one who was hired to do the dirty

When I'd finished, I called to Jay. Jay helped me to my
feet and leaned me slightly forward. This time my cock
didn't get hard. I was too embarrassed to think about sex.
Jay pulled the cheeks of my slender as apart and whisked away
the unsightly residue. There was nothing the least bit
erotic about it until Jay, having thoroughly cleansed me, ran
a finger up and down the crack of my ass.

"I hope you don't take this the wrong way," Jay said,
"but you've got a great butt."

I turned and looked at him. He was blushing. "Why
would I take it the wrong? I'm glad you think so." Jay
smiled, pulled up my shorts and flushed the toilet.

The next day, as Jay prepared for my bath, my cock got
rock hard. As he undressed me, he looked me dead in the eye
and smiled as if to taunt me. He had to know I was in agony.
His lack of compassion was beginning to disappoint me. What
the hell did I have to do, beg? Hell, I was ready to blow
him and consume his load in exchange for a simple hand-job.

This time, as Jay got ready to wash my stiff, aching
cock, I decided not to just lie there. As he wrapped the
warm, soapy washcloth around my nine-and-half-inch boner, I
sighed softly. "That sure feels good."

"I've noticed you seem to like it," Jay replied.

I nodded. "I'm so horny my balls feel like they're
going to explode." Jay sat the washcloth aside and used his
hand to finish washing my dick and balls.

"I guess it has been awhile since you've been able to
jack off," said Jay, tightening his fist around my wet,
slippery organ.

"I guess I never realized before just how much I beat
off," I answered. "I probably do it a lot more than I

"I don't think that's possible," said Jay, as his
fingers began sliding up and down the length of my bulging