Adventures of Anita the new neighbours

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Adventures of Anita the new neighbours

It has been so long I haven't written to you all. Actually nothing exciting has happened in our life, we have been having a lot of sex with each other's husbands but there has not been a new dick that we have had.

But on Saturday evening my husband had to leave for work and was not going to be back for a week. I was going to be at home for a week. But on Sunday morning I decided to do a little gardening. I put in my blue tube top and black hot pants and was cutting the grass when i saw a merc pull up at the opposite villa, it was the new neighbors. The guy seemed dark but tall and decent built and i was expecting a girl but it wasn't, just another guy stepped out. They looked around and saw me and waved. I waved back and got back to cuttin my grass. I noticed they started taking their stuff in the house.

After an hour I noticed one of the guy at the pavement of my house,"hi, I'm Steve, I just moved in", I got up and moved towards the garden door,"hi, I'm Anita I live here, nice to meet you", and we shook hands, he had a firm grip. "we don't have anything to drink out there, could you get us something to drink", and his friend shouted out asking him to help him carry something,"why don't you go ahead I will get something for you", he thanked me crossed the road to his friend and went inside. He was a good looking guy i said to my self and decided to make some lemonade and filled a few bottles and walked across to their house. Just as I was about to knock on the door, Steve opened the door and said,"oh, I was just coming to you, thought would pick up the drinks, but while you're here why don't to come in", thanks I said and walked in the house, "that's mac and there is Josh" both said hi and I said,"here's a few bottles of lemonade just to keep you guys going, so you all be living here?"

Josh answered, " yep we work for a company here so thought will move in a little closer to work" he was a black guy and well built but a little short. "oh ok", I said," will leave you guys to it if you need anything give us a shout", "well if you're not busy could you help us unpack, more the better," mac shouted,"well actually I'm not doing much so why not, where do you want me to start" they asked me to open a few boxes and we all just got to work. They told me they were all from uptown and how they met etc and just a casual chat. The guys seemed nice and now and then i would notice them checking my ass but I knew with three guys around I need to flaunt a little and was enjoying the attention. By the time we finished the kitchen and the rooms we were all a little exhausted so the boys decided to call on for a pizza, they asked me to join in and as there was nothing exciting happening at home I said why not.

We ordered the pizza and josh went up to his room and got a big bottle of vodka and we all just cheered. He mixed the vodka with the lemonade and we all had a few shots and were getting a little high. After the pizza they eased out and became a lot more friendlier. " you know it's been a long day why don't we just play a few hands of poker", the guys agreed and I said,"yea well I'm not so good at it," "oh that's ok mac said, but are we playing for money?" and Josh replied,"dude you must be kidding me I'm low on cash", steve agreed and I being the high on a few glasses of vodka,"how about strip poker?" and they all stared at me," only if you guys want, that is", and Steve said," I'm in" and followed by Josh and mac.

Just as the cards were being layed I realized I was the one with the least clothes on. I just had a a tube top, hot pants and a /thong/">thong, won't last less than three rounds. But as we started playing I was not that /bad/">bad and won a few rounds, and got their tops off, got mac stripped to his boxer shorts. They definately had decent builts and a lean dark skin making it very sexy. But luck stayed with me only for sometime, I lost my first hand and as mac had won he asked me get the top off," ok boys", and put my cards down and took my top off in one slow movement, and the boys just cheered and said,"wow Anita you are in real good shape", mac said,"well there is more to come honey" . I had a 32 c boobs and a nice slim waist and a /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass to flaunt. but it got better and as luck had it the next game was mine and it was mac's turn to take his boxers off,"hope you like it", and winked at me and was off with his shorts, and that was a good 9" hard on and a /dick/thick-dick/">thick dick and my eyes just grew and I felt a little tingle in my pussy. "you hard honey? Whats happening?", i asked and he said,"well its that fine body in front of me, i really couldnt stop my self", and i just smiled and the others just laughed and steve responded,"he is loke this all the time".

Again after a few games down I was down to my thong, and the other two were down to boxer shorts. They couldn't stop staring at my body and I was loving the attention. The cold room was making my nipples hard and then the next game was when Josh lost and it was time for him to lay off the shorts and he stood up and just took of his shorts and it was even bigger that mac's specially for his size, he was atleast 10" and thick as a fist, and he said,"you like what you see?" an I just asked him to sit, with a smile it was just me and Steve. We played the last game and he being pretty good at it, I lost and it was time for me to get my thong off, I stood up and the guys head just moved with me, with their eager eyes I turned around to give them a good look of my ass and took off my thong and with a little view of my pussy.

"wow that's hot", Josh said and I replied,"yep, and you seem to like that", pointing at his hard on, and Steve said,"so what do I get for winning?" and mac said," well the loser of the last game can do you any favour you want", and they cracked up."really", I replied and what kind of favour does the winner want, he stood up and took his shorts and said, it's been a while since I had my dick sucked off by an /girl/indian-girl/">indian girl. I couldn't stop staring at his dick, it was a 11" hard on monster and thick was a fist. I looked around at the boys and they were staring at us eagerly, I went close to Steve and said,"let's put on a good show", and he smiled and I went on my knees and took his dick in my hand and slowly started to lick his tip. I was holding his dick with two hands and moving my toungue up and down his shaft and before he knew it I slipped his dick into my mouth, it was too huge for even half to go into my mouth but he was enjoying the blowjob, the guys were busy stroking their dicks and mac said,"she is good", and Steve replied," you have no idea how good she is", and I just moaned an said,"mmmm i'm really loving this", and went back to sucking his dick and after a good 5min rub inky mouth.

I made my movements faster and I could hear his moans getting louder,"oh fuck Anita, baby you're good, mmmmm, yea baby", and I knew he was close, started jerking his dick harder and harder. He was holding my head and pushing it deeper in his mouth,"swallow it babe", mac shouted and before Steve could respond he said,"aaaah fuck I'm cuming", and he exploded in my mouth and I just couldn't take all of it in, and it poured out of mouth and it was just amazing he kept pumping his /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth and he just collapsed on the sofa and said, "that was amazing", I smiled and got up and turned towards the boys and they both were stroking themselves,"you guys wana hand with that?" I asked and they both got up and I knelt between both of them and started stroking mac's dick and sucking on josh's dick, I felt like a /whore/">whore but it had been soo long since I had another dick and these boys were worth all the effort, I turned my head around and said,"enjoy the show steve", my back faced him and I was sucking both their dicks alternatively and I knew they have been stroking themselves for too long to last and before we knew it mac and Josh exploded on me with their cum and I took how much ever I could in my mouth and rest was on my lips neck and boobs.

I sucked them off and then stood up and said,"hope you guys enjoyed it", and I walked towards my thong which was near the sofa Steve kicked it off and said,"honey let's finish this off", and he old waman xxxgx was hard again, "look at that", I said and spread my legs around him and slowly just took his dick in my pussy, "aaaaa, fuck it's huge, mmmm yea fuck Steve" and I bent a little forward and we kissed and before I new a 11" monster was inside me and it had opened me up like anything I think I already came while it was going in, and after we broke the kiss he pulled me a little closer and started to suck my boobs, he was bitting them hard and suckig them while I slowly moved my body on his dick. "yea Steve bite me, suck them baby, yaaaaaa aaaaah fuck Steve you're fucking me goood baby, please don't stop, shit I think in gonna aaaaa cum aaaaa yeaaaa harder baby yeaaa aaaaa baby aaaa, I'm cuming", and I felt my body shake with a orgasam and I just could feel his dick in my /fucking/pussy-fucking/">pussy fucking me hard.

Suddenly I felt another hand on my back and it was mac," mind if I take the ass," he said and i bent backwards and kissed him and said,"fill me up baby", and he slowly pushed me forward and started to rub his dick on my ass and started to push it in. I stopped moving on steve's dick and let mac have his dick in my ass. "oh /fucking/guys-fucking/fuck-you-guys/">fuck you guys, I feel like such a /bitch/">bitch doing this, I only know you for a few hours", mac replied," we like to know our neighbours on a personal level."

He was fully inside me and we started moving in a motion. Two monster rods were inside me,"oh fuck guys I'm cumming again aaaaa yea harder aaaa shit I'm cuming again fuck me please font stop", an I had my second orgasam, I was cuming like a little whore,"oooh fuck guys I'm already cuming on your dick", steve just said," I hope you're not done yet?" I just nodded and just started getting fucked again and we were all moaning and from the side I could see Josh with his hard on, but just watching us. After a few mins mac pulled me back biting my back and neck and I just said,"I think you guys need to know, I'm married!, and mac whispered in my ears,"do you think we care at this point of time?

You are such a little bitch, I wanted to fuck you since you walked into the house. And after a rigrous 10mins of fucking my /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy both said "we are gonna cum, want it inside you baby?" and I just moaned and said "oh yea all in me", and they became a little fast and just exploded inside me Steve was pumping /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-inside-my-pussy/">cum inside my pussy and I could feel it ooze out and the same with mac and he was shooting every drop in my ass and I was soaked in their cum. I could feel shot after shot inside me, I kissed Steve and then bent backwards an kissed mac they slowly took off their dicks and I just lay on the sofa."that was some hot fucking Anita, you're husband doesn't know you're fucking around does he?" Steve asked, and While catching a breath said,"no he doesn't, and I'm sure you guys don't wana tell him if you want me around", they just laughed and Josh walked up to the sofa and said, "hope you're not done cuz I still haven't finished".

 I looked up at him and said,"not at all, I'm always ready for a good fuck, as you have been waiting for so long I will make this really exciting for you, why don't you lay on the floor?" and he did and I walked up on him bokep sma pecah perawan and slid myself on his dick and with all the cum it just slipped inside my pussy," aaaa fuck, it feels good, I'm loving this cock baby", and I started to ride him and Steve and mac sat on the sofa to have a good view of us, Josh would occasionally bend me forward and start biting my nipples and suck on my boobs and I was loving the way he was doing it, after a 10mins ride he pulled me off my dick and made me lay on floor and plunged his dick inside me and started fucking me, I was feeling so used but it had been soooo long since I was fucked like a whore, he kept pounding my pussy and said,"fuck even after two fucks you're a tight bitch", Josh said,"enjoy aaa it aaa baby, and don't stop fucking me I'm cuming please don't stop, aaaaa fuck I'm cumig aaa shit yea baby", and i had another orgasam but was being a whore and wanted to have a dick in but then he pulled out his dick and turned me over and asked me kneel the dogie style and slowly pushed his dick in my ass and I was just soo turned on,"no one has fucked me like this before", "you're husband doesn't fuck you like this?" josh asked and I just said no and said,"aaa harder baby harder, can I have a cock I'm my mouth", mac was already hard again he moved in front of me and i just started sucking his dick like a dirty whore, after a 5mins of fucking my ass, Steve was all set to join us again, just when setev got up mac said, mind if I have pussy, I just nodded and was soo lost in moment, I pulled him under me and he just plunged his dick in my soaked pussy,"fuck you bitch, you can't get enough can you?","nope aaaa and I just wana be fucked, shit I'm gonna come again aaaaa fyck me mac harder baby aaaaa yea I'm cuming shit aaaaaaa", I just had another orgasam, my body was being used like a fuck toy by these guys but it was not enough.

Steve stood in front of me and I just started licking his dick."mmmmmm yea guys fuck me come on guys", and I was being fucked like a whore. I could hear all o them moan and enjoy my body, when Josh said,"I wana cum, and I wana fill that ass, he just started pumping me harder and suddenly shot after shot in my ass was being sprayed and he was still pumping when mac pumped his cum in my pussy and he kept pumping harder for his cum shots insode my pussy i was soaked by their cum,"aaaaa fyck you guys have filled me with youre cum, aaaaa fuck mmmmm", and steve was not too far either and he exploded in my mouth but sprayed it all on my body, boobs and neck. I was soaked but lay flat on mac. oh fuck I feel good I said and he kissed me and started to suck on my nipples while he held me in his arms. I was so exhausted from all the fucking all three, but I needed to wash my self from all the cum. I got up and asked them where the washroom was, Steve walked up to me and picked me up in his arms and took me to wash room. He started the shower and we kissed while the water was pouring on us. "that was a /fucking/good-fuck/">good fuck he said, you seem to love it?", I smiled and said,"yep, but you guys really know how to treat a girl.

I have had so many orgasams I have lost count", he just smiled and we washed up and walked out to see the place was all cleaned up and the guys were just sitting on the sofa. I got dressed and just lay on the sofa, between mac and Steve. "my husbands away for a week, so I think you guys should come over for dinner at my place?", mac said,"sure that sounds like fun", and he winked. I got up and they walked me till the door,"so which one are you gonna kiss goodbye?" Josh said. I just closed door behind me again and leaning on the door kissed Steve and moved my hands on his dick, then kissed Josh and caught his dick and pulled mac and put my hands down his tracks and kissed him said," next time I will start with you", And left...

If you like my story tell me how many times you came reading about my fuck session. I wana read the details! It gets better in the next one.... Enjoy it....