The Fantasy Dreamer

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
The Fantasy Dreamer

I like many before me are just normal everyday guys with beer bellies and not very desirable looks, who when we read stories of guys with great bodies and the looks to go with them feel a little inferior but in our dreams the /fantasy/">fantasy takes over and we are all equals.

In my fantasy world I am still middle aged but with a decent body and not /bad/">bad looks aswell and I am proud of my sexual stamina too hell am even a repeater.

I always end up cruising the same park I do in my normal world but with better results like in my last fantasy.

For once the weather folk got it right as it was a warm sunny day and the park was full of flowers in full bloom, the full hd xvideo download trees fully leaved and the park where I enjoy cruising has a wood set at the back of it where there are some very secluded walks and dense bushes.

It is in the middle of this wood I start my story and how a black guy took my fancy by catching my eye with a little smile, I followed him as he led the way deeper in to the woods and off the beaten track and within a few minutes stood in the deep thicket waiting for me to catch up to him.

I noticed his zip of his trousers were already undone and his long /ebony/ebony-cock/">ebony cock was there for me to see all nice and glistening so I knelt in front of this /gorgeous/">gorgeous sight and started kissing his cock tip and licking it like it was the best lollipop I had ever had, after a short time I could not stop my self from taking it whole in to my mouth and luckily for me he was a gentle guy and did not force it down my throat.

After five minutes or so of enjoying sucking on this beautiful cock I felt him stiffen give a little jerk and felt his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum shooting inside my mouth, why is it all the cum I have tasted over the years always has the same consistency but not always the same taste, his was as thick as it comes but a bit sweeter rather than salty but very much like the best cream you have ever tasted.

When we had finished he looked at me and walked off mmmmmmm lovely.

Within five minutes of enjoying my black cock I noticed an older guy coming in my direction, he was in his seventies but I have had him before and he had one of the best cocks for his age I had ever seen and he always enjoyed taking me from behind so straight away I undid my belt and dropped my denims to the floor and bent down waiting for him to enter me, never lets me down as I felt him enter me fully and start bucking like a young stallion does with his first mare.

After a short time as he has not got the staying power he used to have he shot his cum straight in to me.

Now I am like any hot blooded guy happy to help out in any way I can especially when you hear two people getting it on with each other and

at the same time wishing there was another guy to add a different dimension to enjoying their sex so when my older friend had left me with his cum running down my leg and I overheard them well what could I do or say.

I peeped through the bushes to see a girl and a boy in their late teens half undressed chatting excitedly looking at me with my denims round my ankles and my cock a stiff as the boys own, I went through the bushes and straight away the boy took my cock in his mouth and started giving me one of the /blow/best-blow/best-blow-jobs/">best blow jobs of my life nice a slow and very /sensual/">sensual and at the same time his /girlfriend/">girlfriend lowered herself on to his throbbing cock and started fucking him for all her worth, suddenly I heard a ringing free porn movies download in my ears and thought to myself damn and blast as I knew it was time to wake up from my fantasy world.

Tonight who knows what I might just get up to and with whom.