The New Waitress

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The New Waitress

It was a Sunday and Dan and his wife Sandra had closed the restaurant for the real forced anal against her will day so they could clean it up and let the new waitress that Sandra had hired get used to the place. "Gill the new waitress will be here in an hour, I'm gonna go home and put my feet up, will you be able to handle everything here and show Gill around?" Sandra asked Dan. "I think I can handle it" Dan replied. It was 2:00 when Sandra left and Dan finished all he needed to do in half an hour so he just had to wait for this Gill girl to arrive in fifteen minutes. 

Sure enough in about 10 minutes he heard the door open and Dan looked up to greet the new waitress, wow, Gill was 25 with blonde hair, blue eyes and one hell of a figure. Dan guessed she had 36C tits as he looked her up and down, she was , she was wearing a black blousse and a short black skirt that let Dan see her beutiful tanned legs right down to the high heels she was wearing.

"Uh hi I'm Gill, I'm meant to start work here" she asked shyly. "Oh yeah sorry Your in the right place, I'm Dan the owner and chef."

They sat down at the bar on the stools where they started to talk, Dan telling her about the things she would have to do and all that stuff, while he talked to her he kept glancing at her thighs which were clearly visible as on the stool her skirt slided up her leg. Dan soon found himself getting aroused from looking at her, him and Sandra had a life as they were only both 29 and he also loved her with all his heart but this women was every mans dream. He decided he should stop looking so he asked her if she could set all the tables just to get used to his way. As she laid all the tables Dan couldn't resist and had to look at her as she bent over and walked around, at one point she dropped a napkin and as she bent over to pick it up Dan got a great view of her ass and saw she was wearing a thong. Soon without noticing it Dan got a full on and it clearly showed through his shorts, it would of been a bit hard not to notice the 10 inch piece of meat sticking out and Dan quickly had to sit under a table to hide it. 

He made a show of looking at her neatly laid cutlery. "Its well done, just the way I like it done" he remarked. Gill sat down opposite him and they got talking again, this time about her wages and tips. Throughout the conversation Dan found it extremely hard not to look at her tits, she was showing a lot of cleavage. He still had a raging boner and needed relief. They got talking about her shifts and she had to sit next to him to discuss the timetable, Dan could smell her scent and his dick somehow got harder. Suddenly Gill dropped the rota sheet and bent under the table to pick it up. "Whoops I'll just get it" she said as she lent under the table "Got it....." and she stopped bent over the table quiet. Dan knew she had seen his cock and blushed deeply, she came back up. "Did I get you like that?" she asked softly. Dan couldn't lie "Yes" he told her meakly, to his relief she smiled. To his disbelief Gill started to unbutton her blousse revealing a black lace bra holding in her great tits, she pulled on Dans chair so he was facing a open area and she stood in fornt of him smiling, she then pulled of his t-shirt and shorts along with the underwear letting the huge boner stand out.

"Wow, if you like watching me then watch away" she whispered in his ear. with that Gill started to xnxxv sunny leone video do a sexy dance first taking off her blousee completely, she started to fondle her tits and Dan unable to resist started to stroke his rock hard shaft never taking his eyes off Gill who had now taken off her bra letting her tits bounce free. "Do you like that" she asked him as she bent over in front of him and pulled down her thong before throwing it on him, by now Dan was wanking hard. "Stop that, resist the urge" she demanded, reluctantly Dan stopped the masturbation still staring at Gill who wriggled out of her skirt leaving her in just her high heels. She moved closer and stroked Dans legs before spreading her shaved pussy as she bent over a table and started to finger herself, Dan sat there transfixed with the sight, after a few minutes of the Gill moaned loudly and orgasmed letting some of her juices go, she pulled two moist fingers from her dripping cunt. Gill walked over to Dan and held out her fingers to his mouth, he licked them clean of juice and put a hand on her shoulder pushing her to her knees in front of him. Gill could deep throat and after coating Dans cock in saliva took it in her mouth and bobbed up and down while using her tongue to hit the right spots. Dan leaned back in the chair while holding Gills head, he had completely forgotten that he had a wife. 

Before he came Dan stood them both up and without a care in the world swept all of the cutlery from a table and picked Gill up placing her on her back on top of it. Dan got on to the table andimmediately mounted her pushing his entire length into her . Gill immediatelymoaned and orgasmed as Dan slammed his inside her. Soon Dan had a good hard rythem going and started groping her tits, after she had her third orgasm of the day she told him to stop and rolled over so he was on his back. "Your so big its like having a log inside me" shemoaned as she put the tip of Dans cock at the entrance of her cunt. "And your so tight" grunted Dan as she slowly slid down on to his cock. "I know, your my first actual fuck for 3 months" she moaned as she took in all of his cock, Dan could hardly believe she hadn't had sex in 3 months but he lost care when she started to bounce up and down on his cock making her titsbounce with her. Dan grabbed hold of her hips so he could bring her down harder and she again moaned loudly with a orgasm, as she cummed her muscles inside her pussy gripped Dans shaft like a vice making him grunt and bring her down on his cock extra hard which caused him to release deep inside her as she finished her orgasm. Gill collapsed foward on to him. 
They lay there for five minutes before Gill got up and took Dans limp dick in her mouth gently stirring it back to life again with her tongue, soon she had him rock hard again and he stood up kissing herpassionately for the . Her arms went round him and they stood there kissing as Dan gently nudged her pussy. He broke the kiss and bent her over the table positioning himself behind her. "Do you want it?" he asked her teasingly "Yes" she shouted in reply. Dan thrust straight and deep inside her and started to pump into her with great force hitting her g-spot constantly causing her to moan louder and louder while having orgasm after orgasm. Dan only stayed in the position for a minute or two as her pussy was gripping him too hard so her pulled her back into a standing position. She spread her legs and he entered her lifting her up by the knee joint. As Dan thrust into her Gill grabbed her tits and twisted her head round to kiss him hugrily. After a while she felt that Dan was tiring in this position so she told him to lie down on the floor. 

When he was on the floor Gill stuck fingers up her juicy cunt taking out a scoop of a mixture of cum and her juices, she got on her knees beside him and rubbed the mixture all over his cock lubing it up, once his cock was slick she positoned herself so her head was near his feet and she lowered herself so his cock was restingin-between her ass cheeks. Taking her full weight on one hand she parted the cheeksspreading her arsehole and positing Dans cock at the entrance. "I've never done this before" she told him as she took the tip into her. As she slowly lowered herself her face showed she was in pain, after a agonizing while she had impaled herself on to his dick and was slowly moving up and down. The slow pace got to Dan and he rolled her so she was on her hands and knees, he then penetrated her in the ass again feeling her virgin hole grip his like a vice. 

Soon he was on his hands and knees on top of her and even though his cock was fully inside her he thrust while kissing her neck. "Ooh it hurts but feels so good" she moaned as she rocked with a orgasm. Dan wanted to cum again so he began to pump in and out of her his whole length while fondling her tits, he didn't last long and let streams of cum break forth into Gills loosened . Once they had cleared up they both knew it was going to be a great working relationship.