Catching my wife in my house

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Catching my wife in my house

Well where do i start. Me and my wife have been 7 years now and this is a fictional story from last year.

The day had started like every other Friday. I got up at the routine 6am and got ready for work, then i woke keeley (my wife) at 8 just before i left.

Kelly is a beautiful and caring woman. She isnt the slimmest but im not into the fake size 0 types anyway. At 34 she still looked great to me, long /blonde/">blonde hair run down her naturally beautiful face. She has great assets too, lovely big hips and an amazing pair of tits.

When i left that morning i could sense something was strange. It felt like Kelley was mad at me so at work i phoned up and booked a table at the best restaurant in town, i also asked my boss to let me slip off at 4 instead of the usual 6pm.

I got on with my work for the day and didnt let keeley know about our plans.

When 4oclock eventually came i made my way home, 2 hours before keeley expected me so i assumed id find her watching tv or just lounging around. But as i pulled in the drive i knew this was not the case.

There was a black bmw parked outside, strange, keeley never mentioned anybody coming over i thought as i parked up and white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie let myself in.

And thats when it happened, the moment that changed my life. I could hear giggling and soft moans in the background. keeley? im back i shouted upstairs as i went into the kitchen and made myself a drink. Out of nowhere the sounds stopped, there was a huge bang followed by heavy frantic footsteps and then appeared keeley. She looked out of breath and had her nighttime on which was not like her at all at this time of day.

are you okay huni? i asked as i went to kiss her. She turn away allowing me to kiss her cheek instead.

I am fine darling, i didnt expect you home so early and my friends here she said as she let out a huff, clearly out of breath. Tina is here again? i asked but she said no and explained a male friend named jermaine was just using our bathroom.

I was quite shocked already because keeley usually kept herself to herself and all her close friends were /women/">women. Then i got an even bigger shock as i turned to see him, all 6ft2 of him. That wasnt the shock. The shock came from the fact that he was only wearing pair of boxer shorts and the rest of his toned black body was on show.

I turned to my wife who had a slight grin on her face. what the hell is going on! i shouted. Her smile grew and she let out a giggle before telling me not to worry and to go get changed. So i went upstairs, but i was concerned so i kept silent as i changed trying to hear what was happening downstairs but couldnt hear anything.

As i headed back down my stomach was turning as if i knew what was about to happen, and as i walked in the front room i was stunned. There was keeley on the 1 person sofa with her legs apart and her pussy on full show as she rubbed it gently and opposite her on the 3seater was jermaine with his cock in hand. My wife was playing with another man and i was disgusted, she didnt even look at me and carried on so i turn to leave but the doors had been locked.

I headed back to the front room. What the hell is this! i shouted and keeley replied ssh huni, sit down with jermaine and enjoy the show. This request puzzled me but i did as i was told because i wanted to know what was going on.

p>This request puzzled me but i did as i was told because i wanted to know what was going on. As i sat down i took a glimpse at jermaine. He didnt even look at me, just kept his eyes on my wife as she played and he tugged on his semihard but already at least 8 inch cock.

I looked back at keeley, like what you see? she asked and i couldnt lie. i had always wanted her to let me watch her play with herself but she never did so to see her like that was sexy and she could tell i liked it from the bulge in my trousers. why dont you get it out baby, and il slide these fingers inside me she said, and at that point i completely forgot about jermaine and i stripped, pulled out my hard stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv 6inches and started wanking over my wife.

So there we were, me and this jermaine man who i didnt know, both fully naked in my living room watching and wanking as my wife played with herself opposite us. This only happened for 6 or 7 minutes before i was ready to blow but keeley must of realized and she stood up, stop! i dont want you doing that yet huni, theres more things i want you to watch me do she said with a smile.

She walked over to me and knelt between my legs, taking my cock in one hand. this cock is why i invited jermaine over she said which i didnt understand. I looked at her all confused and she stood back up in front of us both.

Then it took a turn for the worse, she said something that turn what was a sexy turn on into a embarrassing nightmare, that little thing bores me. I went bright red and speechless, this was news to me because i always thought she had enjoyed our sex. i mean look at jermaine, thats a real man, he knows how to treat me she said.

My mind went into overdrive, thinking of all sorts, had she been having an affair? how long for? and had i interrupted her when i came in?